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Decorative concrete tiles

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Stamped concrete is where you take regular concrete and attach a pattern or a stamp to it so it resembles other material like brick, stone, tile, etc.  It is a more affordable option than many other materials and extremely durable at the same time.

Consult with owner Jason Freese on the artistic designs that are able to be applied to your plain concrete space.

With over 13 years of experience, you will have our help in designing the perfect stamped concrete project for your home or business. You will want to have it resealed every few years but it will look great under a variety of conditions. Ask us for tips on making sure it stays in top shape!

Custom stamped concrete work

Does stamped concrete fade?

As part of your regular home maintenance, you should take the steps to make sure you are protecting your stamped or colored concrete. Resealing should be done about every 2 to 3 years. The longer you wait to reseal, the greater chance you have of noticing fading.


Your stamped concrete is designed to last longer than all other types of masonry installation. This is because it is reinforced wtih steel rebar which helps it stay stable when the weather freees in the winter time. In the spring or summer, it will not let too much grass, weeds, or ant hills to develop.  Never use salt on concrete though to help prolong the life of your product.

Custom stamped concrete work